Future House in Ableton Live with Cy Kosis


Now picture being able to:

➤   Incorporate the right blend of deep, progressive, and electro house to create the perfect “future” feel

➤   Breathe life into your track with stimulating and unpredictable elements

➤   Weave in seamless transitions for varied FX that please the ear and enhance your beat

➤   Sample well-known vocals without making your track sound like a simple remix of the original song

➤   Bear witness to a masterclass in mixdown and mastering through a highly-sensitive, finely-tuned ear

Introducing Future House in Ableton Live with Cy Kosis

Superbly talented producer Cy Kosis is here to take you along for a ride as he creates a bangin’ Future House track from start to finish. He’ll teach you how to create and assemble all the signature elements of classic Future House, and guide you through his approach to making music step-by-step.

He’s cracked a number of Top 100 charts on Beatport, and has released a slew of tracks to widespread acclaim and recognition. He’s collaborated with artists like David Heartbreak, Holly, and others, and even had one of his tracks played on BBC Radio One by none other than Diplo in 2016.

He’s also an Ableton-sponsored artist, marking his true mastery of the DAW and as a producer.

His unwavering and infectious enthusiasm for his craft is on full display throughout this 6-hour tutorial, and in it, you’ll learn: sound design, bass design, synth creation, drum mixing, arrangement, mixdown and mastering techniques of a seasoned veteran producer.

You’re bound to come away with countless insights on not only how to produce vintage Future House music, but also on how to maneuver within Ableton and take full advantage of this powerful workstation.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Through Future House in Ableton Live

Fat, Chunky Drums with that Signature House Bounce

One of the classic elements of any great house track is that signature bounce and upbeat swing, and Cy Kosis will teach you how to produce these effects to perfection with your drums.

You’ll find out how to make your drums as fat and chunky as possible, capable of anchoring your track and giving any listener that irresistible urge to move.

Watch as Cy Kosis optimizes frequencies, maximizes groove, reduces distortion and clipping, and creates a professional drum sound.

Ramp Up The Energy with a Mesmerizing Build Up

Learn how to effectively build tension and ramp up the energy to create mesmerizing build ups that will have the crowd hanging off of every beat.

Find out how to make sure your drums add even more energy to the build while avoiding dangerous feedback loops that can damage both your ears and your recording equipment.

Witness the techniques Cy Kosis uses to simulate the feeling of hearing the track live through highly creative FX additions, and to ensure your vocals provide an underpinning structure to your build up and makes it sound BIG.

Unique Touches for Unforgettable Drops

Find out how to give your drops, the most important part of the song, the unmistakable pumping sound shared by all great house tracks. Avoid the lazy drop repetition that serves as a hallmark of an amateur producer by finding ways to tweak and enhance your second drop.

Learn the unique touches Cy uses to make his drops stimulating, unpredictable, and unforgettable. You’ll see how he draws out the life in his bass, giving it maximum flare without overwhelming the drums.

Discover how to make your changing sounds slide in seamlessly and give your tracks an authentic, genuine feel, as if the real instruments were being played in the same room all at once.

Meticulous and Methodical Mixdown & Mastering

Arguably the crown jewel of the entire tutorial, you’ll be privy to Cy’s mixdown and mastering process that puts his unbelievable ear on full display.

Watch as he meticulously and methodically works his way through the track, picking out elements a lesser producer would breeze over and peeling them out until he’s created a smooth, flawless mix through a pile of micro-adjustments and alterations.

See how his investment in an exhaustive and all-encompassing mixdown carries over to the mastering process, as he proceeds to make his track as scintillating and shiny as possible with mechanical precision.

PLUS — A special bonus

When sign up for Future House in Ableton Live, you’ll also receive the Ableton project file Cy Kosis created for the purpose of this tutorial. Examine each and every moving part and dissect the track to your heart’s content so you can fully comprehend the magic behind Cy’s process and approach to making music.

After You Finish The Course,You’ll Know How To:

  • Differentiate Future House and it’s unique elements from other house sub-genres
  • Manipulate Ableton like a seasoned pro
  • Create fat and chunky drum beats
  • Prevent your track from being plagued by low frequency muddiness and rumble
  • Generate a genuine and authentic instrumental sound
  • Take any vocal sample and make it conform seamlessly to your beat
  • Produce mesmerizing build ups and unforgettable drops
  • Bring out the warmth, flare, and life in your bass without compromising your drum’s positioning in the song
  • Train your ear to catch the slightest bits of clipping, distortion, and other unwanted audio effects that distinguish a beginner’s track from an expert’s
  • Produce your very own polished and professional Future House track

SIGN UP for Future House in Ableton Live with Cy Kosis TODAY and take the place you deserve among the ranks of serious and skilled producers.

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How To: Make a trunk rattling 808 Sub in Ableton Live 9

A good 808 sub is hard to come by. With sample packs galore with literally hundreds of thousands of 808 samples strewn about the internet there’s a plethora of sounds to choose from. The problem with someone else’s sample is that they may sound great in certain rooms, but washed out, hollow, or may completely disappear in other listening environments, or worse, in the club. It can also prove extremely difficult to tune your 808’s to sit perfectly well with the song you’re creating!

I will show you how to create your own signature 808 sound completely using only Operator and other stock Ableton components. The secret to a chest vibrating, trunk rattling, room shaking 808 sub! As with any tutorial these tips are merely guidelines, I highly encourage you to experiment with these parameters I set forth!

First, create a new MIDI track and input a blank instance of Operator on it. Create a short MIDI clip, with a MIDI note at C2. Since, in this case, we’re creating a pure sine wave mono sub so we don’t really need any of the other oscillators, go ahead and turn those off by clicking the letter B, C and D. In the Volume Envelope section in the center (if you would like to create an 808 that fades in volume) turn down your sustain to -inf. And set your decay time to 20 seconds, however this is dependent on your bpm settings, 20 seconds is just a starting point. Turn your transpose knob to -24 semi-tones, or two octaves down.

Navigate to the oscillator routing matrix (where the white arrow is), and change the voices to 1. This ensures your sub is mono, and if you press chords, only one note will play. Also turn you ‘Time’ down to -100%.

Now we’re going to create a punch at the beginning of your 808. Enable your pitch envelope and turn it to 100%. On your pitch modulation page set your peak to +24. Your 808 will now have a beautiful punchy attack!

At this point you have a basic 808 kick drum! Now it’s time to make it a TRUNK RATTLER! The secret is saturation and distortion (which are the mutated super children of compression). First put a default Overdrive plug-in. This distortion will add some nice harmonics to make your sub fill the frequency spectrum more. Set your frequency in the lo-mids, anywhere between 200-500 Hz, set you bandwidth to .5. You can experiment with you bandwidth to customize your sound, but I recommend keeping it from affecting your frequencies below 120Hz because it start to wash out your bottom end. Set your drive to 43% and tone wherever you like from 50-100%. Leave your Dynamics and Dry/Wet at 50%.

After your Overdrive settings are complete, input the Saturator plug-in after. Leave most of the default settings in place. Push the Drive to 21 dB, and set the Base to -21. Set the width to no more than 30%, otherwise this create a strange stereo image for you sub. Turning on Soft Clip is up to your discretion, the clipping adds a very nice blown out sound to your subs, but it may also take away the force form you bottom end depending on how hard you are pushing your output. I find the sweet spot for my output is between -18 to -24dB to get a nice car vibrating sub.

Always keep in mind all of these settings are to your preference. I’ve merely given you a nice template to work from. Every parameter here should be manipulated and tuned to you likings! As with everything in music and sound engineering, trust your ears!

If you have any questions or suggestions please email cykosis@cykosis.net!