Price is subject to change depending on your specific project. $250 is the deposit to start the mix down project.

Once you've completed your purchase make sure to send stems at 24-bit (or higher) 44.1 kHz .wav / aiff. file with at least -6dB of headroom. This means the loudest peak of your track should hit -6dB or lower. Also please make sure there is no compression or equalization on the master channel.

Please send individual stems split out and properly labeled, such as "Kick" "Snare" "Lead Synth" etc. so I can quickly and easily get to work mixing your track!

Within the first 24 hours if requested, you will receive a 30 second preview and you have 2 corrections to the mixdown, if necessary! Typical turnaround is 7-14 days.

See below for previous examples

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Please submit all audio files by clicking upload below or submit your files via Dropbox, Google Drive or similar website to dr.cy.kosis@gmail.com